By Sindre Torp, LA6OP, Norway

Tr7 prototype transceiver

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The first TR7 Prototype

Original TR7 Engineering Drawings

Pete Elliott, son of Mike Elliott holding his fatherís TR7 prototype. The TR7 is now part of Sindre Torp, LA6OPís Drake collection.

Pete has his late fatherís callsign, W8KRR.

Mike Elliott W8KRR sitting playing with the 2-C receiver that I had the honor to give him as a gift. Milt Sullivan is standing watching. I was just standing there quiet while I was listening to these two ĒgiantsĒ from R.L. Drake Companyís past. Elliott was one of the men behind the TR7!† He was late of Heathkit, designer of the SB-104, and former employee of the legendary Art Collins.

TR7 Serial No. XXX1

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