By Sindre Torp, LA6OP, Norway

Drake in the swedish army

The Army in Sweden used the Drake 4C-line as regular trainigstations at the Army’s schools and divisions all over the country.

The equipment were placed on a table that was designed for the purpose.

There were two versions of the setup:


             1. Radiostation Ra 782 A without   the L-4B linear amplifier

             2. Radiostation Ra 782 B with         the L-4B linear amplifier


The L-4B was the only difference between the two setups.

          Ra782 A                   Ra 782 B                   Decals                                               Key                                            Box for crystals

The National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) in Sweden tried out the DRAKE TR4310 HF-transceiver, but they did not, as far known, make any orders to Drake.

The picture shows the TR4310 in the swedish army green colour. There is a rotator control unit below the transceiver. The control unit has fixed directions which is chosen by pushbottons. This unit was made by Standard Radio in Sweden.

Ra 782 A

Antennas used with RA 782’s.

Fritzel FB-53 to the left.

Thanks to SM4WII Kristoffer Nilsson for the three pictures above.

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