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 The DRAKE mailing list is designed to be a forum for discussions concerning equipment manufactured by the R. L. Drake Company. It is expected that members of the list will not only post messages concerning Drake equipment that is for sale, but also equipment that they desire to obtain. Questions and answers concerning modifications are encouraged.


 Participants are from around the world; please be polite, especially if someone makes what appears to be a mistake.


 Language: English


 To Subscribe : http://www.zerobeat.net/drakelist/listjoin.html

 DO NOT POST ENCODED FILES VIA THIS LIST. Your name will be removed from the list if you make this type of post.

 Use common sense in quoting replies...just because your mailer quotes the entire message is NOT a reason for you to do it. Some folks are paying for their band width...they and my gateway equipment do not need to be beaten to death by over quotes.

 Should the postmaster at this gateway receive excessive error messages from your provider about mailbox full, bad address, etc., your name will be removed from the list. Once you've taken care of the problem, feel free to subscribe again.

 The Drake Web Based Message Base can be accessed at http://www.zerobeat.net/drakelist/

Thom LaCosta

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