By Sindre Torp, LA6OP, Norway

Franklin, ohio, location

In the year 1977, land was purchased in Franklin, Ohio, just off Route 123, to build a new production facility. The production facility was to be completed in three phases. The first phase of the building provided 42,500 feet and was completed in 1978. The Machine shop, PC fabrication department, production lines, and component assembly lines were moved to this new facility. The office staff, Sales department, Engineering department, and the Service department remained at the Miamisburg plant.


Production now included the TR-7, a completely solid state transceiver and a companion receiver, the R-7. Complementary accessories included the L-7 linear amplifier, WH-7 wattmeter, and the MN-2700 matching network, to mention a few.


In July of 1983, the upper level of a building on Springboro Pike was leased to the company. The office staff, Sales staff, and the Engineering department were moved to this new address to become the Corporate Office. This provided the much needed room for all three departments, which were expanding rapidly.


The second phase of the Franklin plant became reality in 1984. An addition of 50,000 square feet was added, which gave an overall building size of 92,500 square feet. This addition provided the much needed room to move the Engineering department into the same building with the Production department as well as providing more area for production lines. The PC Fabrication department now consumed 11,000 square feet of the building. The equipment was of the latest technology. It's waste water treatment plant could treat 80 gallons a minute, removing all heavy metals, and automatically adjust the pH balance properly before being released.


Thanks to Bill Frost for the information.


All photos on this page have been taken by Sindre Torp, LA6OP.

Bill Frost in front of today’s Drake plant

The exhibition of equipment at today’s Drake plant will soon be added!!!

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