By Sindre Torp, LA6OP, Norway

Baum opera house

The company moved its 10 to 12 employees to Miamisburg, Ohio in 1953. The new location was in the once famous Baum Opera House. This building later became the home of Star City Marine. They say, that if you stood in Market Square and caught the sun just right you could see the name, Baum Opera House showing through the faded paint on the building. But I donít think thatís possible anymore because the house has been restored and painted.


The product line now included more accessories for amateur radio operators, such as Q-multipliers for HRO and National receivers, product detectors for Collins Radio receivers, and the Drake High Patch phone patch. The first ten or so 1-A receivers were built at the old Baum Opera House location.


Thanks to Bill Frost for the information.

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Backside of Baum Opera House.††††† Drake was loacated in the 1st floor in the right part of the† building shown.

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