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The R.L. DRAKE Story

Seeking a better way, in 1943 a young electrical engineer, with a significant background in radio design for major industrial concerns, launched the R.L. DRAKE COMPANY.


From a modest beginning, Robert Lloyd Drake Sr. guided the growth of his company to a position of international importance in the communications fields. Today, all over The World, wherever radio communications equipment is used, the name DRAKE is held in high esteem.

The extraordinary acceptance of DRAKE products rest on a solid foundation performance of Drake Radio products. ( DRAKE JANUARY 1977 CATALOG )


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Compiled and written by Bill Frost, WD8DFP.

Retired Service Department Manager, R.L. DRAKE Co.

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The R.L. DRAKE COMPANY History ( Source : R.L. DRAKE Company )

The R.L. Drake Company is a privately held company located in Franklin, Ohio. The company was founded in 1943 by Robert L. Drake, a young engineer with a significant background in radio design for major industry concerns. The company began as a manufacturer of low pass and high pass filters for the government and amateur radio market. After World War II, the company applied its engineering expertise to the consumer market and started producing amateur or "ham" radio transmitters and receivers.

The preferred product of buffs and celebrities, the company's amateur products soon became known as the "Cadillacs" of the ham radio field. Many of the Drake receivers, transmitters, and transceivers manufactured in the fifties, sixties, and seventies are still in active use today.

Drake continued to search for new areas to apply its engineering expertise, even as they expanded their product line with marine radios and other reception hardware. In 1981, Drake investigated the then semi-hobbyist field of home satellite reception equipment. Drake engineers, under the leadership of founder's son Peter Drake, completed a prototype satellite receiver in just four months.

The demand for satellite receivers in the 1980's was overwhelming, convincing Drake to concentrate primarily on the development and manufacture of satellite communications equipment. This development led to the manufacture of commercial satellite receivers and distribution equipment, as well as reception equipment for the international marketplace.

In 1997 Drake brought its expertise in the RF communications field to the assistive listening market. The transmitter/personal receiver system was put into production to help the hearing impaired participate in venues where traditional hearing aids amplify all sounds, causing distortion or reverberation of the source audio.

The year 1997 also commemorated Drake's return to the amateur radio market after Drake introduced the TR270, a two meter base station transceiver that accommodated voice, data, satellite, packet, and dual band reception applications.

Presently, Drake manufactures full lines of consumer and commercial equipment for satellite television reception and distribution equipment, cable television equipment, shortwave and amateur radio, and assistive listening systems for consumer and commercial markets. Drake products are manufactured not only for US markets, but for global markets as well.

Sales and Manufacturing Facilities

The company's main manufacturing facility is located in Franklin, Ohio in a modern brick structure just under 100,000 square feet. Drake's vertically integrated manufacturing facility produces Drake equipment under one roof. Very little outside contract work is performed so products can be monitored to meet Drake standards of excellence.

Drake also has a sales and distribution facility in Peterborough, Canada. Drake now distributes products through 50 distributors to over 35 countries worldwide.

Award Winning Service

The company and its products are well known for quality and service throughout the world. Drake is renowned for its rapid and effective servicing, product support, superior technical assistance, and extensive parts inventory. In fact, Drake was awarded Retailer Magazine's Dealer Choice Award for Best Manufacturer's Service in the satellite industry.