By Sindre Torp, LA6OP, Norway

2-b Receiver



 The DRAKE 2-B is an extremely versatile communication receiver designed to bring you top performance in reception of all modes of amateur transmission in a compact package.


 Basically , it is a triple conversion super heterodyne receiver employing crystal controlled high frequency oscillators, a highly stable variable oscillator tuning the same range on all bands, and for selectivity a steep-sided L-C filter at the 50 Kc I.F.


 The receiver provides front panel control of a wide variety of functions such as band width, AVC time constants, type of detector used, and variable pass-band tuning for Single Sideband reception at its best. Switching is also available on the front panel for such optional equipment as a Q-Multiplier and Crystal Calibrator.


 Separate tuning of the RF stage assists in peaking the receiver on the desired signal. Amplified , delayed action AVC with a selection of the proper time constants for your individual application add further to the setís versatility.

 A direct reading 7 inch slide rule dial together with adjustable subdividing scale on the main tuning dial provide easy and accurate frequency readings on all ham bands. A logging scale is also provided for reading frequency of additional 600 Kc wide bands which may be added b y purchase of accessory crystals. Five of these bands can be set-up at a time and selected by the band switch.

 Separate detectors are provided for best performance whether listening to AM, CW, or SSB.



 OPERATING RANGE: Twelve 600 kc segments may be selected between 3.5 and 30 mc. As originally supplied , crystals are ††† provided for five ham band ranges : 80 meters (3.5 - 4.1 mc), 40 meters (6 9 - 7.5 mc), 20 meters (13.9 - 14.5 mc), 15 meters ††† (20.9 - † 21.5 mc), 10 meters (28.5 - 29.1 mc).

††††††††† †† Band switch provides for addition of two ham ranges (28.0 - 28.6 mc) and (29.1 - 29.7 mc) and up to five universal ranges with †††††††††††† accessory crystals to cover the frequencies desired. ( WWW, MARS, Citizens band, etc .)

 MODE: Selectable Single Sideband with product detector, Amplitude Modulation with diode or product detector, CW with either ††† detector.†††††††††† ††

 SELECTIVITY: .5 kc at 6 db down, 2.75 kc at 60 db down; 2.1 kc at 6 db down, 7.5 kc at 60 db down; Ď3.6 at 6 db down, 10.5 kc at ††† 60 db †† down. Selectivity switching is independent of detector switching.


 SPURIOUS RESPONSES: Image rejection more than 60 db; IF rejection more than 60 db on ham ranges; Interna1 spurious signals within ham bands less than that from a 1 micro volt antenna signal.†† ††

 FREQUENCY STABILITY: Less than 400 cycles warm up; less than 100 cycles after warm up; less than 100 cycles for 10% line ††† voltage change.


 DIAL CALIBRATION: 10 kc main dial division; approximately 1 kc Vernier dial divisions; Both main dial and Vernier adjustable for calibration purposes.

 AVC: Amplified, delayed AVC having .75 sec or .025 sec discharge; less than 100 microsecond charge.

 SENSITIVITY: Less than 1/2 micro volt for 10 db signal to noise.†††††† ††

 AUDIO OUTPUT: One watt maximum, .2 watt at AVC threshold.


 AUDIO DISTORTION: Less than 3% harmonic, , less than 1/2 % inter modulation.†† ††

 TUBES : 6BZ6 RF Amplifier; 6U8 crystal controlled 1st mixer; 6BE6 VF0 controlled 2nd converter; 6BE6 fixed frequency 3rd converter; 6BA6 50 kc IF amplifier; 6BE6 Product Detector and BFO; 8BN8 1st audio amplifier, bias rectifier and AM noise limiter; 6AQ5 audio output; 6BF6 AVC Amplifier-Diode detector-and AVC rectifier; 6X4 Rectifier.††††


 POWER CONSUMPTION: 40 watts, 120 volts 60 cycle AC.

 DIMENSIONS : 12" wide X 7" high X 9" deep. WEIGHT : 14.5 pounds.††††††††

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